Demineralisation - the process of removing minerals from a raw water supply.

The majority of units consist of cation and anion exchange resin pressure vessels, the cation exchange resin removing impurities such as sodium, magnesium and calcium, the anion exchange removing chloride, bicarbonate, nitrate etc. The water then left from this process basically consisting of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, however demin water is poor tasting and can cause adverse health effects so is only recommended for industrial applications.

Industrial Water Equipment Ireland are Irelands largest independent supplier of demin water and demineralisation equipment. We are able to design, install, service and source spares for all demineralisation units.

Bespoke Demineralisation units

IWE Ireland produce a complete range of demin water systems, designed to be economical and for the efficient removal of dissolved salts and minerals within a water supply. Please contact our sales team for further information.

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