Water Recycling

Water Recycling

Water RecyclingWith ever rising costs and environmental awareness, Industrial Water Equipment Ireland have designed a modular range of equipment specifically for recycling process and waste water. Along with our consultants IWE can evaluate your site and propose water saving equipment and solutions such as

  • Reducing incoming water usage.
  • Reducing waste water by treatment enabling reuse.
  • Evaluating other sources of incoming water.
  • Increasing efficiency of existing systems.

Industrial Water Equipment Ireland have produced a standard range of units with three processes; Stage one, Organic absorption, Stage Two, Strong gel cation in hydrogen form, Stage three , Acrylic weak anion. The process rinse water passes through stage one where organic and particulate matter is removed then through stage two where cation positive impurities are exchanged out then onto stage three where anion negative impurities are exchanged out which in turn gives demin water to the outlet.

Industrial water recycling has perhaps the greatest short term impact on the water balance as it consists of relatively few large users such as the Paper, brewing, dairy and automotive industries that require a guaranteed source for production.

With industry experts IWE LTD can provide you with a team which specialises in your industry to develop the most efficient solution to your water reuse or recycling problems. Our standard water reuse and recycle packages come in six sizes but a bespoke service is available. 95% of Industrial water equipments customers have received a 100 % return on the their investment within 1 year.